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Go Paperless, Get Digital

Go Paperless, Get Digital

A unique SaaS platform for processing your printed and hand-written invoices, powered by Augmented Intelligence - a human-centric partnership model, combining the capabilities of people and artificial intelligence to enhance traditional invoice processing, reducing costs and improving business performance. Rural businesses can also use "Digital Invoicing" and join the transition of hand-written to digital invoices.

Higher Accuracy Infinite Scalability Multilingual Extraction Paperless Low Carbon Emission In-Built Connectors Security Compliance AI/ML/NLP

We are Microsoft Funded

Innovation Partners

We are NVIDIA Funded

ISO Certified

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Why Choose Accetion?

Microsoft, AWS, GCP and NVIDIA are our innovation and technology partners. We are also collaborating with some of the top startups in the technology industry. People are our core foundation, and we are working on "Augmented Intelligence" - a human-centric partnership model of people and AI, to enhance cognitive performance, including learning, decision-making and new experiences. "Responsible AI" is our product DNA, and our products are backed by Microsoft, AWS and NVIDIA. We are ESG emerging and committed to improving our environmental impact. Our big dream is to have a positive social impact of AI and make the world a better place.

Core features of our platform

Globally first and only platform for processing your printed and hand-written invoices at large. We spent time studying more than 30 international invoicing systems and designed a SaaS platform to meet your business requirements. We are committed to bring more pre-trained machine learning models to expedite and enhance your onborading experience.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go

No infrastructure investment is required — we have removed your financial constraints.

100% Accuracy

100% Accuracy

Though we are continually refining our machine-learning models to achieve 100% accuracy, we currently have a hybrid model that can guarantee it.

Higher Scalability


We are able to process millions of pages per hour, making it ideal for everyone from small businesses to global enterprises.

Go live in minutes

e-Invoicing   (free)

This platform will always provide e-Invoicing free of charge to support the noble cause of saving trees, and businesses can use it as much as they need.


Built-in Connectors for seamless integrations


Global countries invoicing


Languages supported



Additional Core Features

In addition to USP, we have a rich selection of core features. We have tailored our offering to businesses of various sizes and industries to ensure that they can maximize the benefits of our product. We desired to be rich in features while maintaining ease of use, resulting enhanced customer experiences and better outcomes.

WOW Features Designed for niche needs

WOW Features Built on simplicity

Digital Invoice Processing - Best Suited

Digital Invoice Processing is applicable across industries, don't worry if your industry is not listed here, talk to us and get it implemented/customized for your industry.

Digital Invoice Processing - How It Works

Rural businesses (sellers) use "Digital Invoicing" (free of cost) to overcome hand-written invoicing challenges. Buyers get digital invoices, our import-connector connects buyer's invoice repository, machine-learning model extracts data, validates business rules and eliminates duplicates, finally export-connector exports data back to buyer's financial system like Tally, everything is seamless.